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                                  Astrology And Lal Kitab Basics For `Good Luck`

1. Do not speak ill to anyone.

2. Do not tell lies.

3. Do not be cruel.

4. Have faith in God.

5. Worship your own deity with devotion.

6. Do not consume alcohol, meat, eggs, specially if you are under saturn dasa or shani chaya.

7. Have pure and simple food.

8. Get nose and ears pierced.

9. Brush your teeth regularly with 'Keekar Daton' and using Alum In Water For Mouthwash is Must.

10. Even in the worst times, one should not hurt the other person till the time it is not a matter of self protection.

11. Even if someone talks ill to you, just avoid it, believe me it being luck to you and bad luck and ill karma to them.

12. Live i n a Joint family.

13. Worship girls, gift green clothes(also to eunuchs) and feed them with food.

14.  Gift sweets to sisters and daughters.... and to birds too.

15. Do not accept anything free.

16. Never take property of any childless couple.

17. Avoid residing in a house which faces south.

18. Repair hole in the roof immediately.

19. Keep at-least some small place un-cemented in the house to avoid shani dosha and get good results from saturn , it also helps to avoid negative eye effects.

20. Give food to cow(mercury), dog(rahu), crow(saturn) and monkey(mars), Birds(venus) etc.

21. Be careful with a bald man and single eyed person.