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Aries = I am
Taurus = I have
Gemini = I think
Cancer = I feel
Leo = I will
Virgo = I analyze
Libra = I balance
Scorpio = I desire
Sagittarius = I seek
Capricorn = I use
Aquarius = I know
Pisces = I believe


Difference between the effect of Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter is a divine teacher (guru) while Venus is a devil teacher (guru). Venus helps people in acquiring materialistic values while Jupiter helps the person in obtaining spiritual values. Venus makes the person selfish while Jupiter inspires him to think of the well being of others.

Difference between the cruelty of Saturn and Mars

Although Saturn is cruel but its ultimate result is good. Just as gold emerges out sparkling after being burnt in the furnace of fire, Saturn purifies the man by means of punishments. It has an effect of catharsis, the man emerges as a free and pious man after getting liberated of the evil deed. Mars, on the other hand, fills the man with excitement and cheerfulness; the man is inspired by egoistic feelings which drive him to evil and violent deeds.


Raj Yog ... King's Crown

(1) Mutual relation of 9th, 10th house leads to Raj Yog. If the planets of the 9th and the 10th house are seated in their own place, it is not very effective.

(2) When the lords of both the houses exchange their places, there is probability of strong Raj Yog.

(3) Even if both the planets are placed in the 9th house (house of destiny) together, it shall be very favourable.

(4) There is Raj Yog if either of planets is seated in its Lagna.

(5) The natal is an imminent man if the planets of 9th and 10th house are placed in the Lagna.

(6) There is Raj Yog when the Lord of the first house is in 10th house and the Lord of 10th house is in Ist house.

(7) There are many more, dont worry if you dont find any of them.



Diseases Caused Due to the Combination of  Planets

Jupiter + Rahu or Jupiter + Asthma, RespiratoryKetu ailment, Tuberculosis
Rahu + Ketu Piles
Moon + Rahu Insanity, Pneumonia
Sun+ Venus Asthma, Respiratory
 ailment, Tuberculosis
Mercury + Jupiter Asthma, Respiratory
 ailment, Tuberculosis
Mars + Saturn Leprosy, Blood related
 disease, Weight loss
Venus + Rahu Impotency 0
Venus + Ketu Disease related to Ketu, Nightfall
Jupiter + Mars (debilitated) Jaundice
Sun + Saturn  Jaundice





If an exalted planet is placed in its own house, the natal is supposed not to donate anything related to that planet.

Planet Restricted
Moon Milk, Rice, Silver, Pearl
Mars Sweets
Sun Jaggery, Wheat
Mercury Whole green gram, Green cloth, Pen,
 Flower, Mushroom
Jupiter Gold, Yellow object, Book
Venus Stitched clothes
Saturn Wine, Non vegetarian food, Egg, Oil, Iron

Similarly, if the planets are situated in an unfavourable house and hold inferior position then person should never accept objects related to the planet as alms or gift.

Avoid Visiting Temple

If the 2nd house of the horoscope is vacant and there is a wicked planet in the 8th house, particularly if it is Saturn, then he should not go to any temple. The natal is advised to offer his salutations to God from outside.

Going to temple should also be avoided if the 2nd house of the horoscope is vacant and there is inimical planet placed in 6, 8, 12 house.

Moon in the 6th House

If he donates milk or water, gets a well dug or repairs a pond out of charity, then there shall always be fear of death; the familv shall diminish in size.

Saturn in 8th House

If he gets charitable houses and inns constructed, then he shall himself become homeless and poor.

Saturn Ist, Jupiter 5th House

If a copper coin or vessel is given as alm to beggar, then he shall lose his son.

Jupiter 10th House, Moon 4th House

If he gets a place of worship built then he is likely to be levied false charges and may even be hanged.

Saturn 9th House

He should never adopt an orphan child. Moon 12th House

He should not feed saints, or arrange for free education of children. Otherwise at the end of his life he shall have no one to look after him.

Jupiter 9th House

Avoid donating clothes or the person shall himself be deprived of them.

Sun 7, 8th House

Donating anything in the morning and evening is as good as poison.


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