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 Marriage is important part of our life, it can take our life into shower of happiness or tides of sadness that is why correct match is important and here in the point we come in. Ask us for match making. Tell us your marriage problems and we will be happy to help you.

For match making if you have any person in your mind give their birth details in the problems or questions column time date and place of birth.

Marriage life is ruled mainly by

1. Mars

It nature time of dasa are key factor for a girl.
The girl should not be having a Mars or mangal dasa in the next 3 years or marriage if so, remedies must be performed.

2. Venus

Its nature and dasa, must be recorded, can be a key factor for love as well as marriage and financial gains after marriage.
The Groom or Boy should not be having its dasa in the next 3 years of marriage, if so remedies must be performed.

3. Jupitor

 It guides the relationship between the two partners, one should make sure the jupitor is not delibrated if so, remedies must be done.

Love Life...

Finding love can be very difficult


If you are under a delibrated Venus or venus dasa it can be tricky to find love, perform some remedies is must.


If you are under the delibrated Mars or Mars Dasa, finding love can be difficult and perhaps hurting performing remedies is very important.

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